It really is Spring even though the weather in the Northeast is not yet very encouraging. That means it is time to get some gardening and property improvement projects underway. We all have some good ideas!

If you have a yard service, handyman or contractor in the wings to help with some of your grand designs (and you use an iPhone or other iOS device) you should consider getting the Marching Orders App to make “You-Do” lists for the people doing work for you.

spring-work-startingSure, you can leave them handwritten notes and walk them around to tell them what they need to do but how well do they read your writing? How much fun is writing up a long accurate note? And, how much do they actually retain from a long discussion of details? Unfortunately, a lot less that you would prefer.

Marching Orders was developed to give task lists to my own employee doing property management work. When I couldn’t be there to give him his “marching orders” in person the clear printout from the Marching Orders App got him going quickly.

When I was available to walk through the tasks in person it was still useful to have my Marching Orders printout in hand. After we talked he had the list and nothing was left to memory, mine or his!

It made my life a lot easier AND he did a better job!

That’s why I decided to build the app … it worked! And it can also be useful in many different ways. There is no one way to make use of the Marching Orders App but the basics are very straight forward.

Take pictures of the various tasks you have in mind. This is very important because it saves so much time and is much more understandable than written descriptions! Then add a title and any details you feel are needed for each task (use dictation to speed that up too). Print or eMail the resulting PDF marching order and your workers can easily get a solid understanding of what you want accomplished.


If you need to manage people doing work for you, this will prove useful!


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Take Some Pictures

There is no "right way" to do it but most will find the easiest first step to be taking pictures that illustrate what you want the recipient of your Marching Orders to focus on. The app will let you crop and scale any photo if needed.

Dictate Some Text

Use Speech to Text if your device supports it to make this a really fast process or type in what you like for titles and/or descriptions. Pictures will help to minimize how much you need to enter to give good instructions!

Print Marching Orders!

Send your file to any AirPrint printer or email it as an attachment. With Marching Orders, you can easily give your staff a great task list with a minimum of time and effort! Check out our Tips & Techniques posts for more info!