The iPhone App Review has given Marching Orders four stars in an app review posted today on The iPhone App Review website and on their Facebook page.

We are most pleased to have this trusted review group feature our app and of course we are very happy with the overall four star rating provided by the review!

The review is quite thorough and reflects a good understanding of some of the important aspects of the Marching Orders App. This is not easy as reviewers can seldom use any piece of software, app or desktop based, in a “real-life” scenario and Marching Orders is an app with a purpose.

The review states that …

Marching Orders was created to aid users in making lists of tasks for others—not themselves—to do. This way, Marching Orders is “you-do” app, instead of a “to-do” app

That description is spot on! This is one of the fundamental “MOA” attributes that is easily misunderstood if people are thinking in terms of the many “to-do” apps that are available. You can certainly make notes to yourself but tasking others with pictures is what Marching Orders is designed for.



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Take Some Pictures

There is no "right way" to do it but most will find the easiest first step to be taking pictures that illustrate what you want the recipient of your Marching Orders to focus on. The app will let you crop and scale any photo if needed.

Dictate Some Text

Use Speech to Text if your device supports it to make this a really fast process or type in what you like for titles and/or descriptions. Pictures will help to minimize how much you need to enter to give good instructions!

Print Marching Orders!

Send your file to any AirPrint printer or email it as an attachment. With Marching Orders, you can easily give your staff a great task list with a minimum of time and effort! Check out our Tips & Techniques posts for more info!