A Must-Have App if People Work for You!

If you leave notes to an employee, handyman, gardener, babysitter ... ANYONE ... to let them know what you want them to do in your absence, you will want this unique productivity app!

Marching Orders makes you AND your worker more efficient! Pictures do speak a thousand words so use them (and speech recognition if you like) to save time while increasing accuracy and comprehension for the recipient of your Marching Orders!

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Marching Orders App in a Nutshell

Marchng Orders Sample PDF

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Marching Orders is an iOS app for preparing visual task lists. It’s not a “to-do” list maker, it’s a “You-Do” list maker and is designed for efficient use and getting results!

Use Marching Orders to leave instructions to employees, a handyman, caretaker, painter, gardener, housekeeper, babysitter, your spouse and your kids. Of course you can make Marching Orders for yourself too!

The basic process is simple. Create a new M.O.A. file and start adding tasks. Each task you create needs to have a title and can optionally show a picture and/or a description. Take pictures as you go or use any picture from your device’s Camera Roll.

The Marching Orders App is designed to be efficient and easy to use. In the sample shown I have kept the descriptions very short because the pictures tell the story!

The example Marching Order shows four possible “tasks” to be left to different people. In a real application you would make different marching orders, with multiple tasks as needed, for the different people whose efforts you need to direct.

The first task is intended for a person doing some home repairs. I can’t be there to give instructions personally and have left a printed Marching Orders PDF for him so he can get started and waste little time locating the various tasks. The other sample tasks include a task for an employee showing where something needs to be attended to, a “scolding” note to someone who did something wrong (using a picture to identify or emphasize exactly what was done wrong can be very useful), and finally a task directed to a teenager to get the lawn mowed (or else).

You can either create tasks and take pictures from within Marching Orders as you go or use pictures that were taken previously from your Camera Roll. It is also possible to use any image you can get into your iOS device via iCloud, Dropbox, iTunes, etc.

There is no “right way” of doing things with M.O.A. The primary objective is to create a list of tasks without spending ANY significant time formatting the output!

Marching Orders App Slideshow

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Creating a task in Marching Orders is very simple. Within the “new task” screen you simply add or take a picture (if you want one), Type or use voice recognition to enter a title and optionally, a description. Then move on to the next task.

You can stop at any time and Marching Orders will open back to where you were last working.

Every Marching Order can be displayed as a list of tasks where you can review, re-order or delete the tasks at any time.

In a nutshell, that is the main process for creating a Marching Order!

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